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Buyer’s Residential Inspection

Home inspections are a relatively quick and inexpensive way to avoid hidden costs and unpleasant surprises before committing to buy. Start by scheduling an appointment with Home Inspection Advisory, LLC, then accompany your inspector as he surveys the property from rooftop to basement, documenting any major or minor defects and suggesting long-term maintenance tips. Within 24 hours, you’ll have access to your online inspection report, complete with expandable photos and (when necessary) embedded video. Questions? Your inspector will be pleased to walk you through your report.

Our inspectors are professionally certified to visually inspect a home’s accessible components and systems, including the following:

Structural Components

Air Conditioning

Does not include land except as it pertains to slope/drainage for structure.

Other Inspections and Services


Seller’s Pre-Listing Inspection

A pre-listing inspection is a little-known but highly valuable tool in a seller’s toolkit. Home Inspection Advisory, LLC will inspect your property before you put it on the market so that you can address any off-putting issues that might discourage a potential buyer. Understanding your home’s strengths and weaknesses will allow you to accurately calculate your home’s listing price, which can result in a quicker sale.

New Construction Phase Inspection

If you’re building a home, a new construction phase inspection may be right for you. Our inspector will assess certain systems and components at various stages of the building process. Phases include: foundation inspection, framing/pre-drywall inspection, and final inspection (conducted before builder walk-through).

11th Month Warranty Inspection

Is your home warranty about to expire? Home Inspection Advisory, LLC will examine your home in the last month of your warranty so that you can address any issues before your warranty runs out. The most common defects identified in this type of inspection include malfunctioning appliances and cosmetic issues.


Radon Testing

Radon is a radioactive, cancer-causing gas that is impossible to identify without proper testing. Naturally occurring radon can come from the soil or rock under any building and should be tested for prior to purchasing a home or anytime . Request a test from Home Inspection Advisory, LLC to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected.

Annual Home Maintenance Inspection

Maintaining your home is a way of protecting one of your biggest assets. Home Inspection Advisory, LLC will identify any existing or potential problems with your homes accessible components and systems, while also helping you create a plan for maintaining your home over the coming year. Too few homeowners know about this proactive and relatively inexpensive approach to staying on top of their home’s upkeep.


Comprehensive Water Testing

Testing water for contaminants such as lead, bacteria, nitrates, and nitrites is a requirement for loans from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Whether your drinking water comes from a well or municipal system, Home Inspection Advisory, LLC will work with a local lab to assess your water quality and ensure its safety.

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